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Pro Tips for Landing an Amazing Entry Level Job

Whether you are searching for your first job, reentering the workforce, or looking to try something new, use these tips to help land your dream destination.

Figure out what you want to do

One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is to just start searching for jobs without putting much thought into what they are searching for.  What kind of work do you like to do?  What do you think sets you apart? When you wake up in the morning, what gets you excited?

Understanding your intrinsic motivators is the first step in finding the right position.  Do you like to meet new people? Careers in retail, customer service, or human resources might be a great fit.  Do you innately know that you cannot work in an office? Then don’t work in the office!  Yes, some entry-level career paths can be more lucrative than others out of the gate, but in the long run, a person who comes to work passionately each day about where they are spending their time will out earn someone who chose a job based on starting income.

Understand your available job search resources

The litany of online resources available to help you find a job can be overwhelming.  There are local career centers, job boards, and even social media sites to name a few.  At Marathon, we always recommend starting your search from the ‘inside out’.  Talk to your friends and neighbors.  Where do they work and what do they do? Do any of their organizations sound like a fit with your goals?  Having a friendly referral is always a great way to get your foot in the door. 

Online job boards such as Indeed and ZipRecruiter, can be a great tool when used strategically.  Start your search as narrow as possible by limiting factors such as geography, job categories, keywords, shifts, or even remote work policies.  By doing this, you can remove a lot of the peripheral job opportunities and focus on the ones that matter most to you.  When you identify opportunities that align with your needs, invest in your application by researching the company and writing a cover letter that ties in your research and story.  NEVER 1-click apply to multiple jobs in a single setting.  As tempting as it may be to blast out your contact information to all available employers, this strategy rarely leads to great outcomes.

Don’t forget to get gritty

Most job seekers complain that they never hear back from employers and these complaints aren’t without merit because the reality is most employers don’t get back to job applicants.  So, how can you break through?

Add a little grit to your job search strategy by dropping off a resume in person or sending a follow-up email to your application.  Use tools like LinkedIn to see if you know anyone who might be a good contact at the company.  Look to see if the employer is participating in any local hiring events and try to meet people in person.  To get above all the ‘noise’ it pays to make a little ‘noise’

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Written by:

Christopher Panagiotopoulos

Team Member Innovation