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Finding a Job in Challenging Times

The job market can be difficult to navigate, especially in recent years, leaving many to change jobs or explore other careers altogether. While there are no guidelines that can guarantee a position, there are effective practices that can improve your chances when applying to jobs.

#1 – Look at Industries that are Actively Hiring

Think about how your skills and previous experience can transfer to industries that are actively hiring such as healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, etc. These in-demand industries may change over time, so staying informed on areas of opportunities can help with your job search.

#2 – Tap Into Your Network

Do you know anyone who may be able to recommend you for a job? Networking can be a great resource for getting your foot in the door. Online sites like LinkedIn are great for connecting with people in your industry as well. This can be especially helpful when it comes to focusing on relevant job opportunities, as advertised positions are not always accurate or available.

#3 – Continue to Sharpen Your Skills

Look into continuing education and other ways to better position yourself as a great addition to any team. With many industries experiencing shifts and rapid growth, being open to earning new credentials and familiarizing yourself with new technologies might set you apart in a tough job market.

Most importantly, don’t rule yourself out. If you meet most of the requirements detailed out in a job ad and are interested, apply anyway. In many cases, candidates hesitate to apply for a job thinking they need to have all of the skills listed. Additionally, candidates might not see their past experience as being relevant, when it really could be.

The reality is that a company’s initial ideal candidate may differ from the person they end up considering to be a great fit for the role. You never know what might catch a potential employer’s eye.

Written by:
Naomi Raices
Marketing Coordinator