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High Volume Hiring




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Schools, States & Municipalities 

Gain a Competitive Talent Advantage

Get access to the most talent

Target job seekers no matter where they search for a job.

Marathon’s ‘opportunity engine’ uses proprietary programmatic search technology to post to 1,000s of jobsites and search engines instantly giving your organization more talent reach.


Custom job landing pages

Tell your story in a powerful and interactive way.

Most digital job marketing follows the same structure, formatting and even content. Marathon blows this convention out of the water by creating custom job landing pages that tell your story in an engaging way. Marathon clients average over an 18% job posting apply rate compared to SHRM’s reported 8.6% average.


Accelerated hiring processes

A job placement experience that meets today’s expectation.

Through Marathon’s ‘intelligent match technology’ team members can instantly prequalify for select positions, schedule an interview, or even book a training date. This creates a fast job search experience that is vastly different than the norm.


A.I. powered recruiting

Hello. My name is Sam Afador, Marathon's recruiting A.I.

Sam reaches out to our applicants and provides employer partner specific next steps. Sam help applicants finish their applications through reminders and shares helpful information like recent job placement statistics.


Marathon Opportunity Center

Connecting with applicants in minutes, not days.

Our local recruiting teams are supported by Marathon’s Opportunity Center that provides extra recruiting capacity during peak hiring times giving us the ability to always quickly respond to applicants. We offer 24/7 recruiting chat support. Marathon is ranked as a highly responsive employer according to



Marathon's Proprietary large scale recruiting platform.

Through HireConcepts, Marathon can manage large scale recruiting logistics including job postings, application processing, interviews, scheduling orientations (and conducting them virtually), employee onboarding and start date logistics all with the tap of a finger. We believe in making the hiring process fast, easy and transparent and have designed HireConcepts with industry leading self-service capabilities to guide applicants along their hiring journey.

Employer Services

Managed Services

A collocated workforce management solution focused on achieving your organization’s goals

New Hire Orientation and Training

Design and execution of customized new hire onboarding and training curriculums


Service Delivery Team

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