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Think Outside the (Career) Box: Use Skills and Experience to Your Advantage

Jobs have changed significantly in the last few decades, and so have workforce patterns. From increased career mobility to shifts in job requirements, today’s labor market is ever-changing. 

The good news is that professionals who want to move into different roles now have numerous channels at their disposal, especially online.

Most people change jobs more than a dozen times throughout their lifetimes, therefore, the skills and knowledge acquired through training and experience may end up being applied in a variety of ways.

It can be difficult to predict what the landscape will look like in the future, but there are ways to better your chances as a job seeker:

  1. Stay Informed on New Developments
    One of the best ways to remain competitive in the job market is to be aware of changes and opportunities that you could benefit from. This includes on-the-job training, webinars, or any other certifications that can be helpful for your role or any future career paths you are interested in.
  2. Lean Into Transferrable Skills
    The expertise you gain may not only be applicable to the position or organization you are currently in, but it may also set you up for other opportunities. When reviewing job postings, think about how your professional background overlaps with these roles. This will provide you with starting points to positively present yourself as a top candidate.
  3. Network
    Part of the changes that the labor market has undergone includes the channels employers use to source and attract candidates. As a result, finding and applying to jobs has become more accessible with these digital tools. However, connections made through networking continue to be the most effective way to stand out as a job seeker.
  4. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
    Anyone looking to make a career or job switch needs to consider what areas they would like to go into, but at the same time be open to other relevant opportunities. Keep in mind that the jobs you pursue today can further benefit you professionally for future positions by offering new skills and experiences.
  5. Don’t Stress Over Your Qualifications
    Keep in mind that in order to apply for a position, you do not need to meet all of the listed requirements. In many instances, hiring teams are looking to have employees who will be a good fit for their organizations rather than solely focusing on a checklist of requirements that need to be met.

On-the-job training and other professional growth opportunities are great ways to supplement your current experience.

Doing your research can provide much-needed guidance as you prepare to step into a new role or industry.

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Written by:
Naomi Raices
Marketing Coordinator