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7 Ways to Turn an Entry-Level Job Into a Career

Many new people to the job market believe that their first job needs to be their dream job. They need to make a lot of money doing something they love with amazing benefits and flexible hours. The reality is getting started in a new field can be an overwhelming experience, especially when most job requirements limit your options.

The good news is that many professionals can actually utilize entry-level positions as a way of building those necessary skills and making those valuable connections to pursue their dream job. Before you start to position items like pay, hours, or benefits, think about how this next experience will help your development.

Below are some ways of leveraging that entry-level job into a fulfilling career:

  1. Learn from Training Opportunities – This is a great chance to familiarize yourself with your department as well as the other teams that make up the organization’s operations.
  2. Gain Relevant Experience in the Field – One of the advantages that an entry-level position has is that there is minimum experience needed, making it ideal for anyone who is starting out or switching careers.
  3. Think About Transferable Skills – Many skills that you gain along the way can end up being applicable to tasks outside your current job, allowing you to take on more specialized responsibilities.
  4. Read up on the Industry’s Changes and Trends – Stay up to date with what is happening in your industry, this will help you identify potential new career opportunities.
  5. Make Professional Connections – Networking remains one of the best ways of learning about job opportunities quicker once you are ready to take that next step in your career.
  6. Consider Similar Roles/Fields – Sometimes the best choice may be to transition into a related field, for example if you are currently an entry-level assembler, perhaps consider a position in machine operations.
  7. Explore Higher-Level and Promotion Offers – Once you feel more comfortable within your industry and the right opportunity presents itself do not hesitate to continue your professional journey.

Many of Marathon’s own team members have begun their professional journeys in one of our entry-level opportunities and have gone on to positions in HR, Administration, and various other Managerial positions.

In today’s workforce, there may be many paths to launch your career, and an entry-level position might just be what you need to be on your way!

Written by:
Naomi Raices
Marketing Coordinator