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3 Hiring Secrets You Should Know

3 Hiring Secrets You Should Know

Many employers know that the hiring landscape has changed significantly just in the last few years, leaving organizations asking themselves how they should change up their current processes to address these shifts.

While every business is different, there are some general best practices that hiring and Human Resources personnel can use to identify and address unique challenges.

Steps your organization can take to have an effective hiring process:

#1 – Communication is Key

Maintaining strong communication with candidates throughout the recruiting process will contribute towards a great first impression for potential employees.

Reach out to candidates as soon as reasonable. This will not only limit any operational obstructions but will also let the candidates know that your organization is interested in getting them to the next stage of the recruiting process. This could be the difference between them accepting a job offer with your organization or a competing offer.

Additionally, diversifying recruitment channels will maximize the number of job seekers you reach. Not everyone spends their time on the same social media channels, and this also applies when it comes to job search.

By only focusing on one avenue, your organization may be limiting the number of people that come across its content and job opportunities.

#2 – Embrace Technology Where You Can

Look into technology that can be incorporated into the hiring process, such as automation tools. Automation together with outsourcing can provide more time for the team to focus on their core responsibilities.

By incorporating automated responses or self-scheduling tools, hiring personnel can use the time they save from manually performing these tasks on other activities.

#3 – Look at Areas of Opportunity

Identify which parts of recruiting and onboarding can be improved. Is your organization reaching the ideal candidates? Are there any obstructions in the candidate’s journey?

For example, having an unclear application process may be affecting peoples’ experiences and the organization could be losing out on great candidates as a result. Understanding issues like these may only be possible by providing some sort of survey to employees and candidates in order to gain their perspective.

No matter what the pain points are, the talent acquisition process must keep the job market and the job seekers in mind.

As an employer, focus on candidate engagement and the resources that can assist with this. Staying up to date with job market and industry changes will offer insights that will help your organization make more timely and impactful decisions.

Written by:
Naomi Raices
Marketing Coordinator