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Hiring in Challenging Job Markets Guide

Launching a new recruiting program in a new market can look different depending on a variety of factors, including industry, location, and other unique needs.

As organizations work to implement effective recruiting practices, it is important to understand the area and the audience involved, especially when entering new markets. Building a strong presence in a relatively short amount of time can also present additional challenges.

Limited resources and short timelines emphasize the importance of making strategic decisions, however informed choices can benefit all types of organizations at all times.

In our experience working with a large wood product manufacturer in a remote area, marketing and engagement helped maintain the necessary touchpoints to encourage job seekers to apply.

Being a new employer in the area looking to reach job seekers meant that we needed to go beyond establishing a brand in the community. We needed to provide simple and responsive communication channels that facilitated the application process for people, including:

  • Texts
  • Engaging language and visuals
  • Local support

Establishing goals based on the identified location and audience will help create a program that will not only meet the immediate needs but can also serve as a long-term recruiting blueprint for the organization.

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Written by:
Naomi Raices
Marketing Coordinator