Marathon Staffing

Register for Upcoming Webinar on January 19th, 2023: 10 Golden Rules to Succeed in Vendor Negotiations

Marathon Staffing is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar on succeeding in supplier negotiations. 

No matter what kind of vendors or suppliers a business works with, it is clear that no one is immune from price hikes due to recent inflation. 

Marathon, in collaboration with Mike Parry, President of Parry, Murphy, and Associates, will be presenting a timely webinar on supplier negotiations on Thursday, January 19th, 2023, at 4 PM EST.  We are excited to share exclusive access to the expertise that Parry, Murphy, and Associates have in vendor price management.  Limited spots are available for this webinar that will provide actionable steps to help companies improve their budget outlook for 2023.

Interested parties may register for this webinar here.

Written by:
Kendra Strickland
Chief Operating Officer