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Team Members Earn Big with Bonuses

Team members in our Davenport, IA location were recently recognized for reaching important work milestones.  

To commemorate the occasion of 30 and 60 days of working with Marathon, they were greeted with checks worthy of a picture!  

Celebrating wins alongside our team members is an essential part of Marathon’s commitment to going beyond finding people jobs. What parts of a job motivate you? 

A welcoming work environment may be one of your main reasons for choosing a job.

“I like the challenging work environment where at the end of the day I feel like I have accomplished something.” – Thomas 

“I like the work environment.” – Roland 

Or perhaps the pay and benefits are what you might just be looking for. 

“The hours are great, and the pay is very motivating.” – Jacquez 

“Pay is nice, I’m motivated by money.” – Anthony 

Regardless of what aspects interest you the most, the team at Marathon works to help people on their career journeys, whether they are just starting or are looking to make a career switch. 

Congratulations again to all our team members on their work achievements! 

Learn more about our current job opportunities and how you can get started!

Written by: Naomi Raices

Marketing Coordinator

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