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It’s not too late to partner with CBA and Marathon!

Marathon Staffing and the Coalition for a Better Acre (CBA) have partnered to provide transportation to work from Lowell to Devens. “In this way, we hope to provide access to high-quality jobs for Lowell residents who would otherwise be prevented from exploring career opportunities in Devens, simply due to the lack of reliable transportation. Our partnership goal is to offer a new solution to the labor shortage that has been affecting Devens employers and simultaneously help Lowell job seekers.”

Over the last few years, Devens employment opportunities have surged due to new employers entering the community, leading to an increased demand for talented workers while the unemployment rate has held at a near record low of 3.2%1 throughout most of 2019.

“This is the perfect opportunity to build something new,” according to Kelly Breen, Regional Manager of Marathon Staffing. “Rising labor costs, high competition for talent, and ever-changing employer regulations have put a lot of pressure on local Massachusetts businesses.”

Sako Long, Director of Programs for the CBA, says, “Building talent pipelines in our communities remains key.” Through CBA’s STEP (Supported Training and Education Program) program, Lowell residents can build work-ready skills during a brief, fast track 5 weeks of career training. 

1Bureau of Labor and Statistics – Worcester, MA MSA 

About Marathon Staffing

Marathon Staffing is a community-first staffing firm on a mission to help people achieve more. “We are building the world’s fastest,
easiest, and most transparent job seeking experience. Through community partnerships and specialized programs, we give our team members access to more than jobs.” 

About the Coalition for a Better Acre

The Coalition for a Better Acre is a membership-based community development corporation dedicated to resident empowerment and sustainable community revitalization for current and future residents of Lowell and the Merrimack Valley. “We promote healthy, vibrant neighborhoods by developing resident leaders, creating affordable housing and economic opportunities, and responding to community needs through collective action.” 

Space is limited, join now! Contact us today via email or call us at 978-649-2488.

Transportation is effective January 1st. For more information about the new transportation option and how to get on board, contact Kelly Breen at

Written by:

Christopher Panagiotopoulos

Team Member Innovation

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