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Stop By Marathon’s Booth at This Year’s Annual SCMEP Event in Greenville, South Carolina!

Marathon Staffing is eager to be an attendee at this year’s South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo (SCMEP) from November 3rd to November 4th at the Greenville Convention Center! With over 200+ companies exhibiting, the South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo serves as a hub for new discussions regarding current trends and topics in manufacturing culture. We are thrilled to take part in these discussions and contribute to the progression of the industry in South Carolina!

While the South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo has so much to offer, we are most excited to attend these sessions:


This workshop, hosted by IoTco (Internet of Things Company), will address how to use artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to decrease workforce downtime. The workshop will include: An intro into Industry 4.0 tools, Live Demos of A.I. Solutions for Predictive Maintenance of Robotics, CNC Machining, and Stamping, and case study presentations. We look forward to enhancing our knowledge on tactics that can promote work optimization and millions of dollars in savings for manufacturers.


Artificial intelligence is transforming the ways of manufacturing monumentally! Learn how artificial intelligence can be integrated into problem solving for common dilemmas in the industry: labor shortages, challenges on the floor, and inspiring future workforces.

3.       2023 ECONOMIC OUTLOOK: AUTO, AEROSPACE, BIOTECH (Nov. 3rd @ 3:00 P.M.)

Currently, The Palmetto State, based in Columbia, SC, leads as #1 in the country for auto and tire exports by value and the export of completed passenger vehicles. Advancing at near pace with the auto manufacturing industry, aerospace is quickly reaching comparable growth benchmarks annually. The success of these industries has been paramount in the integration and attraction of new industry growth in South Carolina, most profoundly in biotech. Explore how these three industries plan to shape the manufacturing industry of South Carolina soon!


Today, women comprise nearly half of the total workforce, yet are only in 20% of the top executive positions for the manufacturing industry. Observe this panel discussion and learn how current female executives in the industry seek to narrow the gender divide in the industry.

Please stop by and say hello to us at booth 529!

Written by:

David Hawkins

VP, Service Delivery

Visit Marathon at This Year’s 38th AME Conference in Dallas!

Marathon Staffing is excited to be exhibiting at the AME Dallas International Conference from Oct. 17th to Oct. 20th, 2022, at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. The Association for Manufacturing Excellence is hosting its 38th annual conference, an action-packed event filled with workshops for manufacturing professionals, tours of cutting-edge production facilities, inspiring keynote addresses by amazing industry leaders, and more!

The theme of AME Dallas is Embrace Disruption and here at Marathon we also embrace that mantra as it leads to improvement and innovation. 

While there are numerous opportunities at AME Dallas to learn about how to best embrace current changes in the manufacturing space, here are three sessions that we are super excited about that relate to our passion for recruiting and workforce management:

1)      Idea Exchange: Attracting Talent in A Tight Labor Market on 10/18 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM (in-person and virtual).

Conference attendees have the opportunity to share their experiences and listen to others as speak about best practices in recruiting and hiring manufacturing talent. We hope to hear your ideas in this session!

2)      Developing Lean Line Leaders on 10/19 from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM. 

This Practitioner Presentation promises to bring a practical case study to life as attendees will hear first-hand how Milgard Windows and Doors implemented a program that reduced employee turnover and improved KPI’s.

3)      Learning that Works: Recruiting and Retaining the New Collar Workforce on 10/20 9:30 AM to 11 AM.

With the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that 50.6 million new job openings will be created this year and only slightly over half of these jobs will require a college degree, how do employers effectively recruit in a society that puts an emphasis on a college education?  How do companies promote learning that will address the growing skills gap for years to come? An expert group of panelists will discuss these workforce challenges from diverse vantage points that will be sure to resonate with attendees.

We are looking forward to hearing how manufacturing professionals have embraced disruption at AME Dallas at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.  Please be sure to visit the Marathon Team at Booth 912!

Written by:

Kendra Strickland

Chief Operating Officer

Whitepaper: 5 Strategic Staffing Tactics to Recession-Proof Your Business

Business leaders of all industry segments are keeping a watchful eye on the financial outlook as the U.S. contends with high rates on inflation, low labor force participation, and recent interest rate hikes.

Companies that are prepared and implementing workforce strategies that address challenging economic conditions will be best positioned to weather a period of economic downturn. Download our guide to see how you can leverage workforce strategies to mitigate the negative impacts of a recession and emerge as an even stronger organization.

Access Our Guide here

Written by: Kendra Strickland

Chief Operating Officer

Celebrating Fourth of July Traditions

To our Marathon team members, colleagues, clients, and friends, we wish you all a safe and enjoyable 4th of July holiday.  For our team members who have chosen to work on an assignment during the holiday, thank you so much for your contributions to our mission.

To celebrate the 4th, we have compiled six interesting facts about Independence Day:

·         July 4th has been a federal holiday since 1870 (although it has been celebrated long before)

·         The U.S. actually voted for Independence on July 2nd but the declaration was published on the 4th

·         Americans will enjoy over 150 million hot dogs

·         Over a billion dollars of fireworks are purchased each year yet 10% are set off by professionals (be safe out there!)

·         President Taylor died after eating some spoiled fruit at a 4th of July celebration

·         Americans will spend more than a billion dollars on beer

With so many fun activities out there, we hope you take part of the holiday celebrations!

Written by: Christopher Panagiotopoulos

Team Member Innovation

Perks to Being a Marathon Team Member! 

At Marathon Staffing, we absolutely love our team.  Not only do we work to help find people a job fast, but our jobs also come with pretty sweet perks – we make perks work at work!  By joining our team, you instantly get access to all this to get stuff:

You May Enroll in Insurance Benefits When You Join 

Marathon team members can enroll in health, vision, and dental insurance among other benefits when they get started. 

Team members can decide on which options are most appropriate for them from our different offerings. 

You, Will, Receive Regular, Steady Payments 

Now more than ever, everyone is looking for greater financial reassurance, and team members can count on receiving steady pay when they work with us. 

Depending on the position, there may be eligibility for additional compensation, which is a BIG WIN! 

Access to an Employee Discount Program! 

Our exclusive bonus perks and benefits are great ways for saving on everyday expenses, such as groceries, gas, and other personal bills. Team members may benefit from these offers and others soon after joining our team! 

Current Offers Include… 

  • $19.99 Sam’s Club Membership (may help some with gas prices!) 
  • H&R Block and TaxAct Tax Filing Discounts 
  • Pet Insurance Policy Savings 
  • Meal Kit Discounts on Blue Apron, Freshly, Hello Fresh, and more… 
  • T-Mobile Work Perks and Other Cell Phone Savings! 

So what are you waiting for?  Join our team today!

Marathon believes that finding a job should be fast and easy and for over 30 years it has helped people take their next step. Complete an application and speak with one of our representatives!

Written by: Naomi Raices

Marketing Coordinator

Team Members Earn Big with Bonuses

Team members in our Davenport, IA location were recently recognized for reaching important work milestones.  

To commemorate the occasion of 30 and 60 days of working with Marathon, they were greeted with checks worthy of a picture!  

Celebrating wins alongside our team members is an essential part of Marathon’s commitment to going beyond finding people jobs. What parts of a job motivate you? 

A welcoming work environment may be one of your main reasons for choosing a job.

“I like the challenging work environment where at the end of the day I feel like I have accomplished something.” – Thomas 

“I like the work environment.” – Roland 

Or perhaps the pay and benefits are what you might just be looking for. 

“The hours are great, and the pay is very motivating.” – Jacquez 

“Pay is nice, I’m motivated by money.” – Anthony 

Regardless of what aspects interest you the most, the team at Marathon works to help people on their career journeys, whether they are just starting or are looking to make a career switch. 

Congratulations again to all our team members on their work achievements! 

Learn more about our current job opportunities and how you can get started!

Written by: Naomi Raices

Marketing Coordinator