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Marathon is one of the largest regional employers, supplying temporary, on-site, contract, contract to hire and direct hire employees to companies throughout the United States. We have over two decades of staffing experience and we place over 15,000 team members annually.

No two businesses are alike. That’s why Marathon offers a customized approach to each and every client. With an understanding of your business along with the confidence we have in our temporary team members, Staffing Solutions are the result…. a perfect match for the client and the team members. Making the perfect fit the Marathon Way.

What Makes Marathon Different is Our People:

  • Hard working people with initiative
  • People who take pride in their work
  • Perfect fit between client and candidate
  • Our team members are well compensated
  • We treat our team members with respect and dignity
  • We are committed to our team members

We all win…the client, the candidate and Marathon.

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FIT Staffing is the Information Technology (IT) Division of Marathon Staffing

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