All of our On-Site staffing representatives are seasoned professionals with several years of experience. They are properly trained and equipped to handle the day-to-day tasks required in even the most demanding environments. From day one, they will work closely with your team to provide a seamless integration of services.

Our customers have consistently incorporated many of our processes and methods into their every day operations. In turn, we have tailored many of our customer’s operations into personalized service offerings. These programs are specifically tailored to meet your most demanding needs and will result in processes that are perfectly blended into your operating culture.

Program Features:

  • Recruiting and new hire processing
  • Orientation, testing and training
  • Safety training and risk management
  • Disciplinary and termination actions
  • Special employee appreciation events
  • Quality control surveys and questionnaires
  • Automated job order processing
  • Communications/Data links
  • Employee database maintenance
  • Client reports and analysis
  • Automated time/attendance monitoring
  • Payroll processing and transfers
  • On-site paycheck distribution
  • Coordination of the staffing processes