Payrolling Services are a great option for companies who have already identified the personnel that they would like to place in certain positions for their organization.  Payrolling is offered at competitive rates to the client, taking into account that the time that it usually takes for recruiting professionals to source, recruit, and interview candidates is removed from the process.  Reasons why companies may choose this service include:

  • You have the ability to assess personnel before they become full-time, direct employees for your organization.
  • Payrolling offers a flexible employment arrangement when the duration of assigned work or projects may be unknown.
  • Workers Compensation and Unemployment are handled by Marathon Staffing.
  • The client does not have to worry about completing new hire paperwork such as W-4, I-9 form, state tax forms, and more… Marathon takes care of all of this through a streamlined onboarding portal.  Everify through the Department of Homeland Security is a standard part of this process.
  • Payrolled employees through Marathon are eligible to sign up for Affordable Care Act compliant insurance on Day 1 of hire and receive access to other employee benefits.
  • All payroll related items are taken care of by Marathon including employee payment, direct deposit, and state and federal tax filings.

In addition to Payrolling Services, clients may opt to have Marathon pre-screen their selected candidates before scheduling the individual for work.  Pre-screening services include:

  • Setting up candidates for drug testing (typically 5, 7, or 10 panel testing)
  • Administering criminal background check (national, statewide, or county)
  • Reference checking
  • Online Skills Testing

The Pre-Screening package may be customized according to the client’s needs.

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