One of the early pioneers of On-Site staffing programs, Marathon Staffing has been providing a high quality, specialized On-Site program since 1993. Working in tandem with each one of our On-Site clients, Marathon Staffing has developed unique On-Site programs. These programs provide qualified and hands-on trained candidates prior to their assignments and eliminate any co-employment issues for our clients. We work in partnership daily with our clients' human resource and management departments to design, develop, implement and monitor totally customized staffing solutions that meet their specific needs.

Operating out of thirteen locations in eight states, we have been managing On-Site staffing operations that annually employ over 15,000 qualified and productive workers that meet the rigorous demands of our On-Site clients.

Your success is guaranteed by:

  • Our highly seasoned and experienced staffing professionals that have been serving our clients consistently since the development of these programs
  • Our ability to significantly lower your costs, ability to reduce your liabilities, and slash your turn-around times
  • Our teams' well crafted strategic plan that revolves around your business goals
  • Our delivery of tactical services that can keep pace with your demands
  • Our superior level of service which will increase your efficiency, productivity and long-term employee retention.  

Your success is further guaranteed through a staffing solution that is designed to eliminate the following typical labor force disadvantages:

  • Increasing labor requisition costs
  • Low-quality labor coupled with prolonged learning curves
  • High employee turnover
  • Multiple account representatives
  • Low to no economies of scale

Ask about our unique recruiting programs that guarantee qualified employees on Day One